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Considerations Before Investing in an Apartment BuildingThough there are a number of different types of rental properties you could add to your portfolio, nothing compares to the benefits of investing in an apartment building.

Aside from the impressive amount of cash flow you’ll enjoy, you also won’t face the same occupancy challenges you would with a single-family home.

Still, to enjoy every advantage of this kind of investment, you need to understand the steps required for making the best possible purchase.

6 Steps to Successfully Investing in Apartment Buildings

While investing in an apartment building may involve some unique steps depending on your portfolio’s specific requirements, there are six that you can’t afford to skip.

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It’s a great time to buy and refinance multifamily properties. But, the ultimate profitability of any new acquisition or holding depends on who your lender is.

The missteps and flagrant skirting of obligations by some major US banks is no secret. Every experienced real estate investor has no doubt run into their own issues with mortgage lenders along the way. Securing great investment property financing is about more than just apply to the mortgage lender that advertises the lowest rates, or runs the most internet ads. The net returns and long term wealth realized from any income property really comes down to both the final loan terms, and how the lender acts during the course of the loan being open.

So what are some of the indicators of better apartment building lenders?

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