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Why Us

Direct Apartment Lenders is proud to be back a virtually unlimited amount of capital in 2021.  We are aggressive in the underwriting and are in the market to deploy capital for Apartment Buildings in most areas of the United States.

We implore a best of breed Stated Income Apartment Building lending platform coupled with realistic and responsible underwriting guidelines.  Loans are given to qualified sponsors however, credit decisions and approvals are primary based on the ability to lend on the specific properties ability to support the loan amount.

Our professional team with over 35 years of Apartment Building Lending experience, manages all of the companies liquid reserves, credit facilities, and market risk.

We know what we are talking about.  Call us today and find out!

As a Direct Lender focused on working with professional landlords looking to expand their Small Apartment Building rental business on a Nationwide basis.

Jennifer D Abshire is the Chief Credit Officer of Direct Apartment Lenders. Jennifer is responsible for establishing and maintaing our credit facilities and collateral risk management for the company.  Jennifer brings 10 years of banking expertise that focuses on the Apartment Lending Industry.
Doug is our National Sales Director and General Investment Partner. Doug has over 25 years of experience in providing financing solutions for Small Balance Apartment across the Nation.  Doug currently owns mulifamily apartments in several states and an active real estate investor.
Jay Brennon, a Native of Florida, comes to Direct Apartment Lenders with an extensive background in the comercial mortgage lending arena.  Jay specalizes Apartment Building Loans for investors in most areas of the United States.
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