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No Income Verification for Apartments

Self Employed Borrowers are "OK"

We base our decision of the apartment cash flow of a 1.2x DSCR. We don't care about your personal income at all!

Common since underwriting that allow market rents in substitution for vacant units.

No Tax Returns for Apartment Building Loans


That's correct imagine financing your apartment building without providing any personal or business tax returns.

Our underwriting process doesn't get much easier than this. Purchase - Refinance - Cash out!

Small Balance Lender

Small Balance Apartment Lender

Realizing, there aren't many options when it comes to financing small balance apartment,

We specialize in Small Apartment loans under $1,000,000.

Stated Income Apartment Loans

True Stated Income

Finally a lender that gets it! - We focus on the properties ability to cash flow positively, not your personal income.

Most of our borrowers are self-managed, self-employed and we encourage your growth.

LLC Mortgage for Apartments

Apartment Mortgages for LLC's

Smart investors hedge liability risk by using entities such as LLC, LLP, Corporations, & Land Trusts to protect investments.

Yes! - We fund loans everyday into Limited Liability Corporations.

Refinance Multifamily Properties

Refinance Multifamily

Refinance your apartment building for up to 75% after only 6 months of ownership.

Our underwriting process takes weeks, not months.

Get to Know Us

Direct Apartment Lenders is as the name implies, a Direct Lender for Apartment building in most areas of the country.  We focus on small balance, stated income loans for investors in most areas of the United States.  If there is a rental market, we will most likely be able to lend in your location. We work with borrowers with a combination decent credit worthiness and desire to manage investment properties. We make common sense underwriting decisions and focus on the properties ability to cash flow positively.

Stated Income loans are much faster than a bank.  We are frequently granting written loan approvals within a day or so after applying. Closings typically occur within weeks not months. Because, no two loans are the same, Direct Apartment Lenders prices commercial refinance loans specifically to each transaction. Rates and terms are presented only after an opportunity has been thoroughly evaluated and researched. WE DO NOT COLLECT APPLICATION FEES!

Direct Apartment Lenders funds Stated Income financing for Multifamily Apartment Buildings, Investment SFR’s (1-4unit), NATIONWIDE,

We are here to serve you and look forward to answering any questions you may have. Contact us today!

Stated Income Property Loans

Rates starting in the 6's - LTV's up to 75% - Fund your loans in weeks not months with No Tax Returns using our Stated Income apartment building loan products.  We can be used for Purchase – Refinance and Cash Out of Aparment income producing projects Nationwide.

Private Money Loans

What is a Private Money Lender? - Simply put, we are not a traditional bank, we are not sponsored by any government agency such as fannie or freddie.  We are not considered a hard money lender either.  Direct Apartment Lenders is a direct lender that focuses on small balance apartment building loans.



Who We Are

Direct Mortgage Lenders is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Since our launch in spring of 2003, our business philosophy and long-term strategy has always been about building strong relationships with landlords that are goal oriented and focused to grow their investment portfolio.

  • Most Apartment Building types are considered
  • Many borrower’s are eligible for our programs
  • We protect brokers and referring sources.
We specalize closing Small Apartment Building loans using Stated Income and NO Tax Returns.

Stated Income Apartment Lender

Direct Apartment Lenders, understands the challenges and opportunities our clients face.

Our private, direct lending platform has been a leader in using stated income to underwrite our borrowers and have been working with landlords and referring sources on a national basis for nearly 20 years. 

More than ever, in 2019, our borrowers live in a constantly-changing lending environment where timing is crucial. Having a trusted lending partner is Invaluable when it comes to building your rental business.

Give us a call and you will quickly determine we know what we are talking about and are here to serve you. Contact us today!

Small Balance Apartment Lender

Stated Income Lender for Apartments

Stated Investor Lender for Apartment Buildings

NO Tax Returns Required

Small Apartment Building Loans

30 Year Fixed Rates for Apartments

LLC Mortgage for Apartments

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