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Small Balance Apartment Building Loans

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We focus on apartment building loans for the stated investor.  Our product is designed for the self employed landlord that falls just outside of traditional bank lending guidelines.  Our no nonsense underwriting and quick closing results in an excellent customer experience. Nationwide coverage including smaller MSA’s down to 2,000 populations.

ARM products ranging from 5/1 - 7/1 - 10/1 or a fully amortized 30 year fixed rate terms for Apartment Buildings. After the close, you don’t have to worry about bank audits, inspections, or hassles! – Typical close times are approximately 4-5 weeks. NO TAX RETURNS ARE REQUIRED!

We will give you a quick and common sense answer.


Most Multifamily Apartment buildings are considered:

  • 2-4 unit apartments
  • 5 - 100+ units
  • 2,000 or greater in population within city/town limits
  • 600 Min credit is preferred
  • Prefer solid mortgage history
  • No bankruptcies within past 2 years
  • First time investor is "OK"

Our Small Balance Loan product is perfect for the self employed borrower that writes down expenses on the corporate or personal tax returns.

Call us today – 888-375-7476– Most Multifamily Apartment Property Types Considered!

Small Balance Apartment – General Guidelines

Eligible Properties 1-4 unit SFR - 5- 100 unit Apartment Buildings
Minimum Loan Size $100,000 – $2,500,000
Pricing 3.99% and up – 1-2% Origination points (paid at closing)
Loan Terms 5/1 - 7/1 - 10/1 ARM - 30 year fixed
Prepayment Penalty 3-2-1% - Options to buy down or out
Personal Guarantees YES – All grantors with greater than 20% ownership of the building
Loan-to-Value 70-75% AS-IS LTV for Rate and term and Cash out - 80% for Purchase
New Equity (cash) Requirements
Purchase minimum – 15% – 20% – NO 2nd Mortgages Allowed
Third Party Reports Appraisal
Clean Title - Insurance
ALTA land survey
Preliminary Submission
Package For Small Balance Apartment – Multifamily Loans:
1. Application
2. Rent Roll
3. Purchase Agreement (if applicable)
4. Current P&L
6. Idea of credit scores
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