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Stated Income Loans

We offer a variety of solutions for apartment financing options for the professional investor.  All of our loans are considered stated income loans for apartment  bulidings. We do not look at personal or business tax returns.

We have low fixed rate & ARM apartment rates for permanent average to above-average locations, nationwide.

  • 1 unit Single Family Investment Properties

  • 2 unit duplex

  • 3 unit tri-plex

  • 4 unit quads

  • 5+ unit apartments

  • A – B – C class considered

If you have any questions on where you think you or your apartment building may qualify, please contact our office for further details. One of our specialists are available today.  1-888-375-7476

What Is a Stated Income Apartment Building Loan?

A stated income apartment building loan is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s applying for a loan you can qualify for by simply stating what your personal income is for the year. Meaning, there is no need for personal or business tax returns in order to qualify for the loan.

Instead, of personal or business tax returns, we will primarily look at the property’s ability to help the borrower pay back the debt by calculating the apartment building's DSCR - (Debt Service Cost Ratio)

Whether you don’t have the consistent monthly income most lenders require, or your problem is a robust portfolio of rental properties, a stated income commercial mortgage may be the ideal solution.

Direct Apartment Lenders specalizes in closing loans for the self employed.  We enjoy speaking with investors to help grow their rental portfolio. We have designed a straightforward, application process that we’ll evaluate right away..

Apply for a Stated Income Apartment Building Loan right now to see if you qualify.

30 Year Fixed Rate for Apartment Buildings

Stated Income Multifamily Lender - No Tax Returns
All of our underwriting is conducted and approved “in house” by our specialists that are eager to learn your unique situation. Stated income multifamily apartment loans are available for 2019, with very competitive rates.

Direct Apartment Lenders is actively funding stated income apartment building loans!

  • Up to 80% LTV/LTC - Purchase Money
  • Up to 75% Rate & Term and Cash out
  • 5/1 - 7/1 - 10/1 - 30 Year Fixed
  • 30 year amortizatoin
  • Interest Only Options

Rates for Apartment Building Loans depend on a variety of factors

  • Credit Score of the Borrower (600 middle score is used)
  • Current DSCR (Debt Service Cost Ratio) - We use at least 1.0%
  • Length of ownership (We have 6 months seasoning for Cash out)
  • Number of units 2-4 or 5+ Apartment Buildings
  • LTV (Loan to Value)
  • Loan Amount

Regardless of the variables above, we close apartment building loans using no personal or business tax returns.  Very common since underwriting and rates starting in the mid 6's for our ARM products.

We know what we are talking about and have years of combined experience that allows us to underwrite IN HOUSE and offer stated income loans for apartment building loans in most areas of the United States.

CALL TODAY 1-888-375-7476

Stated Income Property Lender

Stated Income Apartment Lenders are generally secured by instruments called (Commercial Mortgage Backed Security) or (CMBS) vehicles.  The CMBS market is once again robust in 2019 and often times the most efficeint way to finance apartment buidlings.

CMBS lenders, such as Direct Aparment Lenders, are very much reliant upon on a secondary marketplace that focuses on a particusl niche of properties and borrowers.  We are actively using our money and arranging these securities with capital partners to maximize the programs available to borrowers while keeping margins and hedging risk.

Direct Aparment Lenders is proud to be back a virtually unlimited amount of capital in 2019.  We are aggressive in the underwriting and are in the market to deploy capital for Apartment Buildings in most areas of the United States.

We implore a best of breed Stated Income Apartment Building lending platform coupled with realistic and responsible underwriting guildlines.  Loans are given to qualifed sponsors however, credit decisions and approvals are primarly based on the ability to lend on the specific properties ability to support the loan amount.

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