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pros consReal estate investors may encounter a wide range of property types. When focusing on the bottom line, a variety of income-producing opportunities might be worth considering. Direct Apartment Lenders highlights some of the pros and cons of apartment complex ownership.

About Apartment Complex Ownership

Typically, a new real estate investor might dip their toes into the water to get a feel for the business. This would entail the purchase of buy-and-hold rental properties or fix-and-flip properties that have minimal repair needs.

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four plex financingAttractive mortgage loans are available for multifamily properties. Whether an investor plans to buy an owner-occupied property or a non-owner occupied property, a variety of loan programs may be considered. Direct Apartment Lenders offers details about four-plex financing for real estate investors.

About Four-Plex Properties

A four-plex consists of a multifamily residential dwelling that has four separate units.

When using an apples-to-apples comparison, one-to-four unit properties are typically easier to arrange financing for versus commercial apartment buildings.

Some investors will begin their real estate journey as an owner-occupant within one of the units that houses four families.

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apartment building loanGoing straight to a reputable source is the best way to find anything. Whether it is financing for an apartment or to borrow money to rehab a triplex, inexperienced brokers and lenders can slow an investor down. Fortunately, Direct Apartment Lenders offers strategies to get a commercial apartment building loan without a lot of hassles. 

Is it Hard to Get a Commercial Apartment Building Loan?

For new investors or someone who is used to residential financing programs, the process to get a commercial apartment loan might seem challenging.

However, financing hurdles that seem insurmountable for some lenders might be a breeze for other firms.

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apartment buildingMortgage loans are available for first time apartment buyers. Knowing some of the items that an underwriter will check for is important. Direct Apartment Lenders invites you to review what is needed to get a loan for an apartment building.

Buying an Apartment Building

The acquisition of a multifamily property could provide some steady cash flow for a new investor and for a seasoned professional.

If you own your primary residence and other income-producing real estate, some of the steps that you took to reach the closing table will resemble a few of the requirements that you will need to get an apartment loan.

Prior to financing an apartment complex or applying for a loan to buy an apartment building, many investors will purchase a single unit property, a duplex or a triplex to obtain some real estate management experience.    

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multi unitApartment lenders receive many inquiries for commercial property financing. Knowing how to prepare for a loan submission can greatly improve an investor’s opportunity to receive a loan commitment. Direct Apartment Lenders provides several tips for financing a multi-unit apartment building without tax returns from the buyer.

Buying a Multi-Unit Apartment Building

A lucrative earnings potential is often envisioned, when purchasing a rental property.

Used to create passive income and to build wealth, multi-unit apartments may also provide a variety of tax benefits for an investor (speak with an accountant for details).

 Ideally, the monthly income for a multi-unit apartment building will exceed the mortgage payment, taxes, maintenance costs and other monthly expenses.

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