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Financing Alternatives for Bank Rejected Loans

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Financing AlternativesReal estate investors may build relationships with banks that fail to provide commercial mortgage loans. When a sales agreement is pending, a borrower may need to quickly secure a financing commitment. Direct Apartment Lenders is a reputable financing alternative for bank rejected loan applications.

About Commercial Bank Loans

When it comes to protecting its balance sheet and money from depositors, a bank is typically reluctant to absorb any unnecessary risks.

Losses can quickly mount for banks that offer local mortgage loans that are too aggressive. In fact, a bank would prefer to reject a marginal loan request that exhibits the slightest amount of risk than to issue a loan that might lead to a default. 

A bank’s underwriting guidelines for a commercial mortgage loan might have requirements, such as a 680-credit score for the borrower, personal income qualifications, paystubs, W-2’s, personal tax returns, business tax returns, bank statements and a signed Form 4506 to obtain tax transcripts from the Internal Revenue Service. 

For these reasons, many account holders who get denied for a bank loan may become frustrated and decide to search for other financing alternatives.

Non-Bank Lender for Commercial Mortgage Loans

Alternative lending sources can approve many loans that are outside of a traditional bank’s underwriting matrix.

Alternative lending resources can place commercial mortgage loans beyond Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac outlets. 

Direct Apartment Lenders uses its financing strength and its relationship with investors who facilitate commercial mortgage-backed securities to provide the funds that borrowers need.

With financing alternatives through several primary conduits, we are able to offer extremely competitive commercial mortgage rates and terms for our borrowers.

Work With a Niche-Based Apartment Lender 

While a commercial loan from a local bank could fall under many umbrellas, our core specialty is apartment lending.

We offer loan sizes between $100,000 and $5,000,000 (+). 

Whether the deal is for several million dollars or it is a small balance mortgage loan, we offer high-quality support for every investor who seeks apartment financing with us.

Having funded commercial mortgage loans from coast-to-coast, we understand what it takes to get fast financing for an apartment building.

Investors can skip the bank and work with a niche-based apartment lender.

Commercial Mortgage Loans With No Tax Returns Required

Banks might roll out the red carpet for investors who are well capitalized. 

However, other borrowers may need to jump through a lot of hoops that might still result in a bank loan rejection. 

Who helps borrowers without a documented earnings history?

We do!

Direct Apartment Lenders will never ask a borrower to provide W-2 forms, tax returns (personal or business) or to provide recent paystubs.  

Our main concern is based on the asset’s ability to meet consistent cash flow requirements.

When an apartment building can service its debt at an acceptable level, we do not need additional income from the borrower.

Banks frequently reject loans from borrowers who cannot provide documented income.

With lighter documentation and fewer items to verify, we can close commercial mortgage loans exceptionally fast.

Commercial Mortgage Loans to Purchase or Refinance an Apartment Building

Fixed-rate mortgage loans and adjustable-rate mortgage loans are offered for apartment buildings.

We offer funding for purchase money mortgages and for refinance transactions throughout the United States.

A common sense underwriting process is used to evaluate every loan request.

Generally, an investor will need a down payment of 20 percent for purchase transactions. For a commercial apartment refinance loan, a maximum loan size can reach up to 75 percent of the subject property’s appraised value.

Investors are required to provide a sales agreement for purchase money transactions.

For both purchase and refinance transactions, a borrower must submit rent rolls for the subject property.


Investors should understand that bankers want to issue commercial mortgage loans. However, the standard underwriting guidelines that bankers are required to follow are filled with limitations.

Financing alternatives are available for many loans that banks have rejected. 

Knowing where to locate an apartment lender that offers multifamily apartment loans that can exceed $5,000,000 without W-2’s or any tax returns is invaluable.

Our loan programs are used to finance a myriad of projects that investors have envisioned. Many of our borrowers are prior customers who wanted to obtain a cash-out refinance or who needed financing to buy another apartment building.

As we lend money for small balance projects or for an entire apartment complex, we are steadily building relationships with our borrowers.

We welcome referrals. Mention us to anyone who was turned down for a bank mortgage loan and we will offer them the highest level of support.


Direct Apartment Lenders offers commercial mortgage loans throughout the nation. 

Our team of mortgage professionals are ready to answer any questions about financing for apartment loans that were turned down by a local bank.

Contact us today to get in touch with a licensed loan officer. 

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